Þróunarfélag Íslands

Þrounarfelag enters green transportation market.

Þrounarfelag has established a new company, Green transport solutions Inc, to stimulate and enable our partners to participate in the coming shift of energy sources, and speed up the positive process, contributing to both nature and community, as well as lowering transport cost for companies and private users. More information on this soon…

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Þrounarfelag gives insight into the future.

Þrounarfelag gave insight into the future, in a lecture at Rafmennt. Rafmennt offers continuous education for professionals in the electrical and electronic technology. In the lecture we introduced ideas on what to expect in the field of IoT, AI, and electrical vehicles. We gave insight into possible disruption of the market, referring to past success […]

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Inspiring visit to an interesting company, Navis.

Few weeks ago, we visited the company Navis, who are experts in ship design and related project management. Their premises are located at the Icelandic Ocean Cluster, close to Reykjavik harbour. Navis introduced to us an electric boat design, powered by batteries as part of the boats body. The visit inspired us to move our […]

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